Ask the Expert: Which of the Colors Is the Most Loving?

Which of the four Color Code personality styles tends to be the most loving?

Tricky question, isn’t it? … But I get that kind of thing a lot.

I think some people want to jump to a conclusion and say that Blues are the most loving. My guess is that they do this because we associate Blues as being the most caring, thoughtful, etc. While it is true that those particular personality strengths are most common for Blues, I submit to you that each of the four Colors expresses love in different—though equally significant—ways.

Therefore, our position is that no Color is naturally more “loving” than any other Color. Let’s take a look at how love might be communicated through the lens of each of the four Colors, keeping in mind that this list is not intended to be comprehensive.

How Reds Express Love

One example of how a Red will express love is that they help you solve problems. Reds will “fix” things, but they don’t like to waste their time. So, if you have a Red in your life who takes the time to understand your challenges and they set out to work to help you find and create solutions, that is a very loving gesture for a Red.

Trust me, if they don’t care about you, they won’t spend the time doing it.

How Blues Express Love

One way you will see this play out is in thoughtful, romantic gestures. Blues are the masters of this. They remember details and they use their thoughtfulness to create those exquisitely special moments that you will never forget.

How Whites Express Love

Never underestimate the deep, loving power of patience. Whites are willing to listen to you. They consider where you are coming from, and they suspend their own judgement. And, when things aren’t perfect, they show their love through their willingness to wait and be patient for much, much longer than most people can manage.

How Yellows Express Love

One of the ways that Yellows express love is by being in the moment with you and by wanting to give you more and more of their “moments.” Yellows are easily distracted, and they can easily be pulled in other directions. However, when you have their attention (and heart-felt affection), they want to just be in the moment with you and can be very engaging and attentive.

Those are just a few examples, of course. I would love to hear your comments on how you feel you express love as a Red, Blue, White or Yellow!

Jeremy Daniel, VP Training – Color Code

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Deborah Bryson, Independent Trainer – Color Code

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