Do you sometimes feel like life is against you?

Do you sometimes feel like life is against you?

That things are falling apart?

Like it seems that you get stuck in traffic more often than other people, and that the red lights are against you?

Have you noticed how stressful things often happen all at once?

You drop your phone and break it.

Now you can’t answer that call about that great job you’re going for.

And on the way home your car gets a flat – 
in the pouring rain – 
and you can’t call anyone for help! 

Murphys law says;

“Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

(Usually at the worst possible time!) 

Although you’re constantly resisting the process, believe when stressors pile up on top of one another and put you under pressure, this is the compassion of the universe giving you encouragement to change. 

Because humans are stubborn creatures, and to make change we need pressure.

Diamonds are made of carbon, a very common substance all around us.

Your body is 18% carbon.

So you are literally a potential diamond!

Do you know the recipe for a diamond? 

1. Take a lump of carbon 

2. Add pressure equal to 4,000 people standing on your foot 

3. Heat to 2,700 degrees

4. Bake for a thousand years!

Diamonds = carbon + pressure + heat + time. 

We all want diamonds, whether to wear or give to our lovers. 

But we don’t like pressure.

Yet that’s exactly what we need.

Pressure to rub smooth the sharp edges in our personality.

Pressure to give us a reason to let go of stuff we’ve been holding on to for too long.

Pressure melts us from ice to water, so we can flow with the river of life.

One Reply to “Do you sometimes feel like life is against you?”

  1. Absolutely loved this post. It’s so true that all stressfull things happen at once. There’s a lot of people that doesn’t understad that if something is going to happen, it will. You can’t do anything about it. Going to share this post! Loved it!


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