Identifying a Red Personality’s Needs

Each of us either knows a Red personality or is a Red personality. And while some of the readers out there may know the Red’s strengths and weaknesses, they may not understand their wants and needs. Today, we want to focus on the Red needs in hopes that you can understand them better and know how to treat their personality.

Reds Need to Look Good Technically

Reds need to be able to stand their own ground intellectually. When a Red is faced with a new project, they will do all the research necessary to become knowledgeable in the subject matter. They don’t go to meetings unprepared. Going on vacations with them will be a lot like being on a school field trip—full of factoids.

Reds Need to Be Right

If you are in a relationship with a Red, whether it be a partner, friend, co-worker, employee or employer, remember that Reds need to be right. You may think of them as know-it-alls, and many times you would be correct, but before calling them out on it, ask yourself if A. they ARE right, or B. is it really worth disagreeing given the debate that will surely follow? Pick your battle … and make sure it is one you can win.

Reds Need to Be Respected

This is very important to Reds, possibly more than being loved. If you don’t respect them, it is likely they won’t respect you, leaving a meaningful connection impossible. Without mutual respect, your opinion of them really doesn’t matter. They won’t waste time trying to garner your positive opinion because they simply don’t care.

Reds Need to Attain Approval From a Select Few

So…Reds need respect and we discussed how they react to those they don’t respect. Now let’s talk about those they do. If the Red in your life feels your respect, they will do whatever it takes to validate that respect and maintain your approval. Unlike Yellows, who need to receive approval from the masses, Reds are content to be selective. If you are one of chosen few, you will not be disappointed.


Reds may not always be easy to get along with, but it will be easier if you recognize these needs. They surely will appreciate it. For those who didn’t previously know the Red needs, how do you feel this will help you in the future?


—The Color Code Team

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~Deborah Bryson, Independent Trainer/Consultant 

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