Four Great Gift Ideas for Your Yellow Child

Yellows can be pretty fun to buy gifts for. Their enthusiasm plays its part well in gift situations, which can make it fun for the gift giver. If you suspect your child is a Yellow, it may not be hard to pick out gifts for them, especially if the gift is fun. However, gift giving is all the more fun when you feel you have an idea that will make the recipient glow with joy. If your Yellow child has a birthday coming up, here are four gift ideas that will hopefully tickle their love of fun.

1. Surprise them with a puppy.

Is there anything more fun than a puppy? đŸ˜‰ Surprising kids with pets is a classic, possibly cliche, but memorable gift. Yellows can likely relate to puppies a lot, with their enthusiastic, happy and carefree natures. Surprising your child with a puppy would likely send them through the roof with excitement.

2. Take them on a one-on-one date.

Yellows love attention. If you’ve got other kids, responsibilities, a job, etc., that compete for your attention, your Yellow child may be craving that time with you. For their birthday, plan an outing for just the two of you and make sure it involves something they find fun, even if it’s simple. Maybe you two can go out to ice cream, bowling or just to the duck pond to feed the ducks. Just make sure you shower them with love and attention.

3. Hide gifts around the house during the week.

Spread the birthday fun throughout the week by hiding little gifts around the house. They don’t have to be expensive items. Maybe you hide some bubbles under their bed and later blow bubbles in the backyard together. Another idea is to leave movie tickets in the mailbox for them to find and take them to a movie that night.

4. Try something new with them.

Yellow kids enjoy new experiences. For their birthday, go out and do something they’ve never done before. Maybe that’s rock climbing, mini-golfing, boating or even bowling. It’s your call!

We hope these ideas help you think of ways to make your Yellow child’s birthday wonderful. Yellows, what was your favorite birthday gift you received when you were a kid? Let us know in the comments!

—The Color Code Team

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Deborah Bryson

Certified Color Code Trainer 

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