Blues Need a Break — Three Tips That Will Lead to a Happier Life

Life can be hard when you’re a Blue. You’re overly sensitive, you invest your whole heart into relationships, and people are inevitably disappointing at times. You’re worry-prone and guilt comes very easy to you. Your mind is probably going a million miles a minute, and you’re not necessarily thinking about rainbows and butterflies. It’s no wonder Blues are so hard on themselves!

Blues, you need a break. We are here to offer some advice to help you go a little easier on yourselves until your overall relationship with yourself is much more positive. Keep reading to learn what you can do to ease your burden, and hopefully life will improve for you!

Confide in that one friend

As a Blue, you probably have a network of close friends, but we all know friends listen differently. Pick just one friend you can really trust and set aside time regularly to confide in him and listen in return. Hopefully by talking to him, you can take what’s in your head and get it out so it can help you feel heard and understood. After all, as a Blue, you NEED to be understood! Obviously you don’t want to be the friend who complains all the time or who drives your friend away, but if you find someone who will happily take some time a couple times a month to sit and talk with you, take advantage of that opportunity!

Stop ruminating

Do you find yourself running over the same situations in your head all the time and wondering if you should have done or said something different? Stop. Unless you highly offended someone or need to correct a big error, don’t allow yourself to continue to sweat the small stuff. You’ve got enough to worry about and get done in life without allowing your head to explode over whether or not you offended your neighbor by not eating her dessert when you had dinner together. It may not come naturally to let this kind of thing go, but you need to put your mental health as a priority, and this will surely help!

Do something fun

Take your mind off your worries, your guilt and your perfectionism and just do something fun that makes you happy. Don’t worry too much about budget or time or practicality, just do something because it sounds wonderful. Go get tacos in the middle of the week, go to a water park, enjoy a carnival, plan a vacation–just do something a Yellow would do! Let your mind relax.

Blues, don’t just read this list and move on, use it! You deserve a break. Print this list off and tape it to your mirror so it can serve as a good reminder. If you’ve implemented any other tips that have helped you go easier on yourself, share them with the other readers in the comments!

—The Color Code Team

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Deborah Bryson, Certified Independent Color Code Trainer 

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