How to Date a Blue

Being in a romantic relationship with a Blue can’t be easy. I should know, I am one. However, my Yellow husband does a great job at handling all my emotions and he also did a great job at winning my heart. Today, I think it’d be fun to offer some advice to those who are trying to date a Blue. Take out your notebooks and get writing! 😉

Be romantic

I’m married to an awesome guy who is great at the whole romance thing. When we first started dating, I was in a situation that made me hesitant to get too serious with him, but he was determined and proved himself worthy time and time again. Our first Valentine’s Day together, he surprised me at work with flowers and proceeded to drive me to a small airport, where he took me on a helicopter ride. Then he took me bowling, to a nice restaurant, let me pick out a movie and we finished off the night star gazing in his dad’s truck. Did I mention we got married? 😉

Be thoughtful

One of the natural strengths of the Blue personality is being thoughtful. As a Blue, I really appreciate when people are thoughtful toward me. When my husband and I first started dating, I was starting my first internship for a news organization. My first day I was understandably nervous, but I got a text at an early hour from my husband (then-boyfriend) wishing me good luck. I don’t think he even had to be up that early, but he wanted to send me well wishes. It meant so much to me and earned him a bunch of points.

Be endlessly patient

Blues definitely have their limitations, and I am no exception. I’m worry-prone, a perfectionist, jealous, moody, etc. Not long into our relationship, my husband got to see some of the not-so-great qualities I possess. However, he was so incredibly patient with me. He focused on the good things about me. He listened to me, empathized with me and just loved me.

 If you love or are falling for a Blue, please take this advice to heart. I think they will love it. Blues, what do you think about this advice? 

Megan Christensen, Digital Content Manager ~ Color Code


Shared by Deborah Bryson ~

Certified Color Code Trainer 

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