Advice for Meeting a Blue’s Needs

Who doesn’t want their needs to be met? Each personality color comes with its own set of needs, but many people are likely not meeting these needs due to not being aware of what they are. If each of us knew the needs that came with each personality color, we would surely be better equipped to care for our loved ones. Today, we are going to address the needs of the Blue personality and help those who know and love Blues understand how they can meet their needs so the Blues will feel happier and more loved.

Blues need to be good morally

If you have a Blue friend who seems like a goody two-shoes, and it annoys you, this will be a good need for you to recognize. Blues aren’t trying to bug you. It’s just that they were born with this innate need to be good morally. They may not be the friend who wants to wedding crash with you or who lies to get you out of trouble. But instead of giving them a hard time, help them feel comfortable approaching you with their hesitations to do something they don’t feel OK with. Show them admiration for holding fast to their convictions instead of making them feel like a bad friend.

Blues need to be understood

Blues have a lot of emotions and they like to talk them out. You may not understand all their emotions all the time, but knowing they need to be understood can hopefully help you be a better listener for your Blue friends. Sometimes, they may just need some validation for feeling the things they’re feeling. Other times, they may need you to relate to them and share a personal experience from your own life.

Blues need to be appreciated

Blues are great at serving others, but they need to be appreciated when they do. Even if your Blue loved ones are constantly serving you to the point you get used to it, don’t forget to acknowledge their service.

Blues need to be accepted

Because Blues WANT to reveal their insecurities, it’s likely that your Blue loved ones will be vulnerable in front of you. It’s your job to love and accept them and help them feel loved. Relationships mean so much to them, and it would help them feel loved if they felt those they care about so much accepted them into their lives and didn’t show signs of neglecting their friendship.

If you can master fulfilling the needs of your Blue friends, they will be happy campers indeed. For the Blues who are reading this article, are your friends good at meeting your needs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

—The Color Code Team

Shared by:

Deborah Bryson 

Certified Color Code Trainer 

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