Probably not what you expect from a Life Coach – A Little Something Extra and Different!

Acti-Labs by Acti-Jewels – a business that could be worth its weight in Jewels!

I am a big fan of Direct Sales and Marketing.  I have been involved with various DSNs and MLMs – from Mary Kay to some of the current ones. I have experienced a level of success with each one, especially the most recent one! Then, last week I received a call from my Business Development Strategist. She has NEVER been involved with any type of DSN or MLM.  She would say “yuck”, “not interested” and “no thank you”.  The word “MLM” is a tongue twister for her!  LOL! In this case she put on her Business Development Strategist hat and went after the info. Within one hour she had made the French connection and the US connection and was on board. Being body conscious, she was drawn into their Body Sculpting system. However, as she explored further, she realized there was a lot more to be had and found a ‘ground floor’ opportunity.

FIRST GENERATION LEVEL: The Acti-Jewels Team Leader is First Generation after a Founding Member!

Of course I joined and quickly discovered that every business opportunity is under one roof with Acti-Labs:  Skincare, Bodycare, Body-Sculpting, Slimming, Weight loss and Cosmetics! Seriously! But most importantly you have access to everything to build your business for as little as $27.50! What?! I know, right! After my conversation with my Business Development Strategist, it was time to take advantage of this  ground floor opportunity! Chances are there is no one in your area doing Acti-Labs. Isn’t that simply awesome and new! New is good!

The business is no joke, the surgery like or medically inspired products are totally manufactured in France by Acti-Labs and the opportunity only hit the US in 2016. The significance of this lies in the fact that you get laboratory direct prices. There is no middle man!

For those of you who have been in Network marketing, it will be refreshing to know the following:

No minimums

  • No auto-ships
  • Low entry of $27.50
  • Your personal website
  • Training
  • Support from a dynamic team – Acti-Jewels
  • Acti-Jewels team marketing materials
  • Acti-Jewels team techniques to take your business as high as you want it to go.

Team Acti-Jewels is about to storm this market and you want to storm it with us. Which ever stream of products is your passion, Acti-Labs have you covered. What still has me in shock is the cost of these products. There is nothing over $50. This is a huge advantage. The sales opportunity comes directly from the manufacturer, so there is no middle man to take the prices higher. Take a look at the incredible prices for these world class luxurious products here.

Ask me about this opportunity, explore our Facebook page here, and become a business member of Acti-Jewels. Earn as much income as you want, work as little or as much as you want, have the flexibility of being your own boss! Team Acti-Jewels is motivated. We are producing our own posters, marketing strategy and advertising. Our goal is simple – Acti-Jewels will produce the most successful team members in this Network. Who is ready to make it, not only rain, but storm?

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