Accept Your Reality

Accept Your Reality

Sometimes in life, we end up in situations that we just can’t change.

Radical acceptance is all about fully accepting your reality in situations that are beyond your control. This doesn’t mean you approve of the situation, are giving up, or that it isn’t painful. You are still allowed to feel however you feel, but by accepting that it is what it is, you give the problem less power over you and you can begin to move forward.

Helpful Tips:

Notice when you’re fighting against reality. The first step in accepting reality is gaining awareness that you’re resisting it. If you’re feeling bitter or resentful, wishing things were different, or thinking about how life isn’t fair, you might be fighting reality.

Remind yourself that you can’t change what has already happened. By identifying what you can and can’t control, you can turn your energy towards coping with the things you can’t change.

Embrace your feelings. You might still be angry, scared, overwhelmed, or lonely–that’s okay. Accepting reality includes everything that you’re feeling too without any judgement.

Relax your body. If you’re feeling stressed or are pushing against the reality of your situation, there’s a good chance your body is tense. Physically relaxing your body can help you feel more ready to accept what is reality.

Try yoga, taking a hot bath or shower, deep breathing exercises, or getting a massage to help you relax.

Practicing radical acceptance has been shown to reduce feelings of shame, guilt, and anxiety.

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