Be Yourself First…Then Adapt

A few weeks ago, a student of the Color Code asked Jeremy Daniel, Vice President of Training for Color Code, a great question. She said, “I’m loving learning about how to adapt to work more effectively with each of the four Color Code styles, but I’m finding it difficult ~ constantly trying to act like a Red for one co-worker and then switch into Yellow mode for somebody else. Does it get easier to present as each of the colors over time???” While he applauded her commitment to applying what she’d been learning, Jeremy could tell she was seriously stressed over the idea of having to know everybody’s Color Code all the time and constantly trying to switch her style conversation by conversation. As the realization of what she was attempting to do sunk in, He could see that she was simply overdoing things.

Jeremy shares with you the advice that he gave her in that moment. It was this: “Be yourself first. Then adapt, if necessary.” At the end of the day, it’s important to remember to be who you are. Remember to come from a place of authenticity, and you will be fine most of the time. People appreciate the fact that you are a real, unique, and completely valid human being. You have your little quirks, but so what? We all do! That’s one of the things that make others want to connect with us. Then, there are those times, or those certain relationships, where little adjustments need to be made to create improvements. Maybe your boss really is a hard-charging Red, and you know that you need to stick to the “Red playbook” to maintain his/her respect. Guess what? You can still be a Blue, White, or Yellow, and “speak” Red. Be yourself, but get to the point, know your facts, execute competently, and things will be fine. No major adjustment necessary! You don’t have to change your entire persona to try to fit in. In fact, that probably won’t work. It might feel forced or perhaps scripted. I hope that makes sense. As much as I love, preach, and practice the Color Code, I would also remind you to not lose the wonderful person you are along the way. Rather, just be yourself, understand where people are coming from, and use this wonderful tool to make adjustments as you need to. Here’s to your continued success!

Jeremy leads our Trainer Certification Program and has been teaching the Color Code and delivering motive-based applications to clients internationally since 1998.


Deborah Bryson, Color Code Trainer

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