To Develop More Compassion Like a Blue…

Try on their shoes… …metaphorically speaking that is. Let us explain. If you’ve been reading our blog or are a fan of the Color Code you probably already know that the “antidote” to any personality limitation you may have will always be found in a strength of one of the other personality types. That’s why we stress the importance of knowing as much as possible about all the colors. So with that in mind, today might we offer a small tip on how to tap into the compassion that comes so naturally to our Blue friends? It’s so simple you’re probably going to dismiss it, but we encourage you to take a moment this week to at least consider how you could add a little more compassion into your life. What is this tip you’ll likely dismiss? It’s taking a moment to consider how someone else’s personality would react in a negative situation BEFORE you react according to the way your personality may see things. By doing this one little thing, you’ll be tapping into the strength of compassion that Blues already do so well. For example, while a Yellow might quickly get over being laid off from a job and optimistically think they’ll find another one in a hurry, a Red may feel it’s a personal dig to how they performed at the job and feel angry about getting let go. In this situation, a Yellow who is struggling to feel compassion for a Red might consider how the Red is feeling so they can understand their reaction better and be more compassionate toward them.

That’s just a simple example but the point is this: considering other people’s perspectives and reacting from that point of view can hopefully help you understand their reaction to challenges and in turn help you feel more compassion toward their struggles. This is a win/win because the more compassion and understanding in the world, the better off we all are. So what do you say? Are you willing to try on some shoes this week? We certainly hope so. 🙂 And Blues, what other ideas do you think people can do to develop more compassion?

Leave your answer in our comments.

—The Color Code Team

~ Deborah Bryson, Independent Trainer ~ shares

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