Three Ideas to Help Whites Become More Motivated

White Personalities-You may or may not know that one of your natural limitations is being unmotivated.  The good news is this isn’t something that can’t be overcome when properly addressed. For example, Steve Jobs of Apple Computers was a White Personality and we can all probably agree that he was motivated. However, if you think you could possibly use a little more motivation in your life, read on and give the following a try!

1. Make a to-do list

This may seem obvious but it’s amazing what results you can achieve with a to-do list if you are CONSISTENT and COMMITTED. Pick a specific time every day to make your to-do list. You can include as many or as few items as you like but the key is to develop a habit here so don’t overwhelm yourself at first with too much. Start off easy and build from there. Remember, the HABIT itself will become more valuable than what is on the list in the beginning. You could include things like exercising, meal planning, paying bills, spending time getting better at a hobby and cleaning out your car. Again, just make sure that whatever you put on there you can be consistent and committed to. Even if it’s literally doing 1 push up each morning, that’s fine. Just start with easy and go from there. If you do this, you won’t burn out as easily and will build the HABIT that will fuel the fire of motivation in other areas later on.

2. Do something you dread bi-monthly

Many of us tend to procrastinate and put off things we just don’t want to do but White Personalties innately deal with this limitation a little more than the others.

The reason we suggest you do something you dread on a bi-monthly basis is simple: it pushes you but in a manageable way. You can rest comfortably knowing things will get done but not feel the pressure or guilt associated with putting them off or never doing them.

3. Do something enjoyable while you do something productive

We are all blessed to live in a day and age where we can have practically endless entertainment and/or learning options at the touch of a button via the Internet. If you haven’t found a favorite podcast, sweet jams, or discovered Duolingo language learning yet then may we humbly suggest you get on that. 🙂 Why? Again, we are focusing on motivation and if you know you have something to look forward to in combination with the task you NEED to do, you will be more likely to do it. Keep experimenting until you find your “reward” to make the tasks at hand more palatable.

Whites, we truly hope these tips will help you develop habits to find additional motivation you might be missing to milk the most out of your life because we know that the world benefits greatly every time a “Wise White” steps up to the plate.

Try these three suggestions above and let us know if they work for you. And, if you’ve found other ways to tackle this natural limitation, please share those in the comments below so others can benefit from what you’ve learned about the personality trait you share. We are cheering for you. And if you become the next Steve Jobs, don’t forget about us 😉 

—The Color Code Team


Deborah Bryson, Certified Color Code Trainer 

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