Three Tips for Reds to Maintain Better Friendships

Our world would be a very, very different place without the Red personality. We would miss out on some really amazing leaders, phenomenal businesses and a whole lot of awesome, no-nonsense people. Reds are essential to the fabric or our society, there is no doubt about that. However, just like each of the other colors, Reds have some characteristics that turn some people off.

Since Reds are so dominant and can be intense, some people can be overwhelmed by them. But we’re here to promote the camaraderie of every personality color. So today, we want to give the Reds a few tips on how to maintain friendships without too many hurt feelings or drama.

Tip 1: Know that you’re not always right

Ouch, we know that’s hard to hear and that you may not even believe us right now. But just know this: nobody is right all the time and people don’t like to be called out. We know you need to be right, but if you can think about the depth of your need to be right and how frustrating it is when people say you’re wrong, just remember that may be how others feel when you tell them they’re wrong. Even if you know in your heart that you’re right, it’s not necessarily worth arguing over. It’s better to have other people think you’re wrong than to hurt friendships.

Tip 2: Let other people have a say

Reds, you can be bossy and controlling. And while you’re a great leader with great ideas, other people can have great ideas, too. Whether you’re in a work setting or just trying to plan a trip with some friends, make sure you hear their ideas too and don’t immediately disregard them as worse than your own ideas. We’re sure your ideas will be heard too, as you are great at asserting yourself, so don’t worry too much about that.

Tip 3: Think of others

A natural limitation of the Red personality is selfishness. Of course, you have a lot of great strengths, but it’s important to work on the limitations, and this is definitely a limitation worth working on. You’re very decisive people (which is a great natural strength), so make sure the decisions you’re making don’t impact others negatively. Give your friends a chance to choose the movie on movie night, or take some time out of your weekend to help your grandma with some yard work before you go on that boating trip. You don’t have to ignore your own needs and happiness—that would not be good—but make sure to consider how others may be feeling, too.

Reds, we know with your determined, competent, competitive natures, you can surely dominate overcoming these limitations. Make a challenge out of it and try to work on these at least twice a week. Don’t forget to let us know how it goes in the comments below.

—The Color Code Team

Shared by Deborah Bryson

– Certified Independent Color Code Trainer

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